#2 Am I Flying Yet?

What are the signs we’ve wandered off track?

Valmae and Matt
February 10, 2021

What are the signs we’ve wandered off track?

When plan goals start looking and sounding the same for people of very different ages, stages and life experience it’s time to pause.  When the language used sounds like a list of service types rather than real life aspirations, it’s time to reflect.  When goals are dull and lifeless rather than expansive and full of life it’s time to question what we are trying to achieve here!

  • When the length of the plan increases at the same time the budget decreases……..
  • When the CEO announces people will receive their draft plan and budget before their review meeting occurs………
  • It is starting to feel like we’ve wandered off track.  

And what was that NDIS promise again?

It’s become a little hazy in the blur that was the NDIS transition period but I’m sure we were promised a disability service system that would take into account:

  1. need – type and level of supports required,
  2. context – the formal and informal supports already in place and whether they were doing OK or struggling, and last but not least –
  3. dreams and aspirations for a better future.

We had reasonable expectation that policy and practice would line up, that is, alignment between the commitment to choice and control and the practice of developing, funding and reviewing individual plans.

  • We had reasonable expectation of alignment between the expectations we are left with after a positive review meeting and the draft plan and budget that would follow.
  • We had reasonable expectation that the NDIS would open up the future to people who had an otherwise constrained, even closed future.
  • We had reasonable expectation the new system would recognise the rights of individuals and family to shape their own future and provide them with the means to do so.

Never be afraid of heroic ambition - Toke Paludan Moller

What will it take to reignite the dream?

For us all to remember and support others to remember the NDIS was potentially good social policy, not just a change in the way funds are administered.

See you soon.
Valmae and Matt