#3 Am I Flying Yet?

In the blink of an eye…………

Valmae and Matt
March 1, 2021

In the blink of an eye…………

- How did we move from working together to develop a shared understanding of how choice and control could work, to a place where it no longer matters?

- How did we move away from that place where the power imbalance between people and funder was acknowledged but put to one side, so we could work out what individualised funding looked like, together?

- How did we move from a place where the future was open and full of possibility to a place less bright?

Mt Tamborine Learning Village 2015

We are in familiar territory

- The disability sector is no stranger to policy change announced on a Monday when the news front is quiet.  

- Using the cover of disaster (or pandemic) to distract people from budget cuts and broken promises is familiar territory.

- So we were softened up by the promise of major policy reform that would deliver funding to the eligible tens of thousands of people who received little or no funding.

- We were softened up by the promise of the NDIS and perhaps took our eye off the ball!

What are the images that bring you a sense of peace and possibility?

But now that we are awake…….

There is some other important work we can be supporting too.  

- The Better Homes Campaign is leading the way for mandatory accessible housing standards.  The housing industry supports it.  The community supports it.  It’s essential to having a dignified life.

- Check out the website anuhd.org/  to understand the reasons why, the challenges and what it will take to achieve.

- Find the Building Better Homes Campaign on social media and sign the petition for action.

- Learn about it, decide on your position, take a stand.

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.  The obedient must be slaves - Henry David Thoreau

See you soon.

Valmae and Matt